Horizontal Boring Mill

The Horizontal Boring Mill has a small footprint, especially considering the large work envelope, and is heavier than competitive boring mills in its class. The HBMX55i has a geared head spindle with two speeds and hardened box ways. We've packaged our boring mill to include the features you need for typical applications instead of requiring you to add them as options???

For example, if you need to edit a part or correct a feature, you don't have to search through lines of code—with Data Block Search, you simply use the graphics screen to select the section you need to edit, and the corresponding code appears on the other screen so you can quickly make the change.

Concurrent programming is another feature that is enhanced with the dual-screen control. While the machining centre is running one part, you can program the next part without interrupting cycle time.

The control technology maximizes the performance of your machining centre whether you use NC or conversational. With DXF Transfer, you send the dxf file directly the control. Edit the program as needed at the control, and check the part on the screen with our powerful verifications graphics system that includes 3D solid rendering of the part with dynamic rotation and real time tool display. You can view the part from any angle without being forced to redraw it.

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