CNC Lathes

At PBS Machine Tools we have selected the best value for money products to suit our customer's production and productivity needs.

What are lathes used for?

A lathe is a machining tool that is used primarily for shaping metal or wood. It works by rotating the workpiece around a stationary cutting tool. The main use is to remove unwanted parts of the material, leaving behind a nicely shaped workpiece.

he Advantages of Lathes

The accuracy is very high in the case of CNC lathes compared to Normal Machining lathes.

The flow of production is more.

It requires few operators in a manual lathe.

The machining in the lathe and CNC lathe was very fast.

Due to the CNC lathes, the time to carry out the experiment was very less than conventional machines.

The lead time will be very less.

Our CNC Lathes Include:

- From Miniature to Extra Large Parts

- High Efficiency Machining Solutions

- Optional C-Axis and Driven Tools

- Barfeeder and Auto-Loader compatible


- Chuck Size 4" - 40"

- Turning Diameter from 0 - 1,500 mm

- Turning Length from 0 - 30,000 mm

Our Vertical CNC Lathes Include:

Heavy Duty Series

- 860mm - 6,000mm Chuck Diameter

- Driven Tool and C-Axis optional

- Movable cross rail with hydraulic clamping

- Patented Solid Lock Clamping system

- Available with Y-axis as option

High Speed Vertical CNC Lathes Including:

High Speed Series

- 12"-40" Chuck Sizes

- Several Turret Options for flexible production solutions

- ZF Gearbox for high torque machining

- Turnkey and Automation ready

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