CNC Lathes

Looking for top-tier CNC lathes? At PBS Machine Tools, we curate a selection of premium CNC lathes designed to optimize production and enhance productivity for our valued customers.

What are CNC Lathes Used For?

CNC lathes are indispensable machining tools primarily utilized for shaping both metal and wood. By rotating the workpiece around a stationary cutting tool, CNC lathes precisely sculpt materials, resulting in finely crafted workpieces tailored to specific requirements.

Advantages of CNC Lathes:

Experience unparalleled accuracy with CNC lathes, surpassing traditional machining lathe precision. Streamline production workflows with enhanced efficiency. Maximize operational efficiency with minimal manual intervention, thanks to the advanced automation of CNC lathes. Achieve rapid machining speeds, significantly reducing project turnaround times. Harness the power of CNC technology to expedite experimentation processes, minimizing lead times. Our Extensive Range of CNC Lathes Includes:

From miniature to extra-large parts, we offer a comprehensive range of CNC lathes to accommodate diverse machining needs. Experience high-efficiency machining solutions tailored to your specifications. Optimize functionality with optional C-axis and driven tools for increased versatility. Seamlessly integrate with barfeeders and auto-loaders for uninterrupted production cycles.

Key Specifications:

Chuck Size: 4" - 40" Turning Diameter: 0 - 1,500 mm Turning Length: 0 - 30,000 mm Vertical CNC Lathes:

Heavy-Duty Series:

Chuck Diameter: 860 mm - 6,000 mm Optional driven tools and C-axis for enhanced functionality. Innovative movable cross rail with hydraulic clamping. Patented Solid Lock Clamping system ensures stability and precision. High-speed Vertical CNC Lathes:

High-Speed Series:

Chuck Sizes: 12" - 40" Multiple turret options for versatile production solutions. ZF Gearbox enables high-torque machining capabilities. Turnkey and automation-ready for seamless integration into your workflow.

Discover precision, efficiency, and reliability with PBS Machine Tools' premium CNC lathes. Reach out to us today to explore how our cutting-edge solutions can elevate your machining operations.

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